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Managing Retirement Wealth

Winner of the prestigious EIFLE award for excellence in financial literacy education, Managing Retirement Wealth will help you deal with the uncertainty investors face, especially when transitioning into retirement.  

With a blend of optimism (everyone can do something to improve his or her situation) and a dose of healthy skepticism (don't invest unless you understand what can go wrong), seasoned personal portfolio manager Julie Jason will help you:

  • Understand how to deal with the uncertainty of the markets so that you can anticipate, not react to market-moving events 
  • Graduate from random buying and selling to taking a big-picture portfolio approach to managing your assets
  • Construct a goal-directed  personal portfolio customized to  serve you and your family for a lifetime
  • Establish a workable oversight system to enable you to correct missteps so that you stay on course to meeting your goals
  • Develop a sense of healthy skepticism to help you evaluate investment opportunities and advice
Whether you are a novice or an experienced investor, you'll find resources, insights, and strategies here to make effective decisions upon which a sound financial future can be based in good markets and bad.

Managing Retirement Wealth was honored with three awards:   

  • The 2012 EIFLE Award for Investing and Retirement Planning recognizing "excellence in financial literacy education." 

  • The 2012 Axiom Business Book Silver Award in Personal Finance/Retirement Planning/Investing honoring the year's "best business books." 

  • The 2012 International Book Award in Personal Finance "honoring knowledge, creativity, wisdom & global cooperation through the written word." 

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