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Retire Securely

Are you curious about:

  • How history can make you a better investor?
  • Who came up with 4% as a “safe” withdrawal rate in retirement and does it apply to you?
  • How to contribute to a 401(k) without lowering your take-home pay?
  • How to influence your kids to become charitably minded?  
  • How to simplify your search for the best (for you) financial professionals?
  • How to pay for elite colleges at less than the cost of a state college (assuming you can get in)?  

Explore these and other important financial issues through the lens of a financial industry insider and award-winning columnist, Julie Jason, whose short insights are carefully crafted to focus on one subject at a time.

  • EIFLE Award (Excellence in Financial Literacy Education) 2019
  • The Axiom Business Books Bronze Medal for Personal Finance/Retirement Planning/Investing 2019
  • The Best Books Award for Personal Finance 2018
  • The Chanticleer Instruction & Insight Book Award for Non-Fiction 2019
  • The CT Press Club Award for Non-Fiction Books for Adult Readers 2019
  • The Feathered Quill Book Gold Award for Informational Book 2019
  • The International Book Award for Personal Finance/Investing 2019
  • The London Book Festival Runner-up for General Non-Fiction 2018
  • The National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Business Fall 2018
  • The Pacific Book Award for Best Business 2019

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