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The AARP Retirement Survival Guide

Bank bailouts. Ponzi schemes. Plunging financial markets. Given today's dire headlines, planning a secure retirement has become a more critical task than ever. Now, for Americans seeking safety and stability in a time of wrenching economic change, comes investment educator Julie Jason with this no-nonsense guide offering time-tested, rock-solid retirement advice for people of every income level.

In addition to showing those on the verge of retirement how to create their own 'personal pension,' Jason deftly guides prospective retirees through the otherwise bewildering process of evaluating their needs, anticipating future expenses (and managing current ones), and converting present assets into future retirement income. To achieve this goal, she assembles and shares with the reader an entire tool kit of self-assessments, tables, checklists, and essential questions.

  • EIFLE Award (Excellence in Financial Literacy Education) 2010
  • The Axiom Business Book Award Gold Medal Winner - Retirement Planning 2011
  • The International Book Award for Personal Finance 2010
  • The National Best Books Award for Personal Finance 2010
  • Top Ten Business Book (Booklist - the American Library Association) 2010

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