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Upcoming Events

QCDs: Qualified Charitable Distributions


Learn how to make Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) from your individual retirement account (IRA) to reduce your taxable income while supporting the causes you care about. This presentation will cover eligibility criteria, one of which is age (70 1/2, not 73), and the how-tos involved in making a QCD donation, with examples.  Think about the charities you’d like to benefit and review your IRA balances in advance.    

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Estate Planning in Retirement Part 2: Integrating Financial & Estate Plans

High-net-worth clients' financial assets require particular care. Failing to integrate financial and estate plans may inadvertently derail other legacy objectives. In this presentation, we will discuss how all of your advisers (financial professionals, CPAs, lawyers) complement each other, how estate and financial planning dovetail, and the importance of a survival analysis to ensure your wishes are respected and honored.

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Financial Planning Series Special Session: Can't Afford to Participate in Your 401(k)?

If you have no extra funds to put away in your 401(k) because of money pressures such as paying for a car, housing, student loans, and family, you are not taking advantage of the power of your 401(k). But, there may be a way to protect your paycheck and participate in your 401(k) at the same time, especially if you get a tax refund.

We’ll discuss how getting a tax refund can interfere with your 401(k) participation, with examples of how over-withholding taxes works against you. We’ll show you how to redeploy that refund into savings. You’ll need to do that to protect your employer’s match.   

In this program, we’ll go through the special relationship between your W-4 and your 401(k), with examples of how to manage your W-4. Learn how to make your 401(k) contribution affordable – by using taxes withheld from your paycheck.