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Upcoming Events

IRAs, QCDs & Charitable Giving

Do you know anyone with an IRA who is over 72 and charitably inclined? QCDs (Qualified Charitable Distributions) are useful tools to transfer funds to charity out of an IRA without triggering taxable income. This short presentation will give you details and resources to research the subject further.    


How to Find Retirement Investing Expertise

It is said that financial professionals are morphing into retirement planning and investing. There is a reason. It’s all about demographics. Offering the service and having the expertise to effectively provide the service are two different things, of course. This presentation will help you define and search for the type of expertise you need before launching into retirement. Included: SEC disclosures to review in your due diligence process.


Investment & Estate Legal Counsel Join Forces: Financial Consideration for a High-Net-Worth Estate

Working with high-net-worth estates requires particular care due to the increased complexity of their financial assets. In this presentation, Julie Jason, JD, LLM will review how investment and estate counsel can collaborate strategically with HNW families to mitigate risks. Julie will discuss how estate and financial planning dovetail and the importance of survival analysis to ensure a client's wishes are respected and honored. Come away with a comprehensive and tailored approach, designed to preserve and grow your clients' wealth while protecting their legacy.


Easton CONNection: Integrating Financial and Estate Plans - Considerations for a High-Net-Worth Client

High-net-worth clients tend to have more complicated financial situations, including multiple financial accounts, and even multiple financial advisers.  Because an adviser can unwittingly and easily derail a best laid estate plan, it is essential to understand how assets pass to beneficiaries, heirs and charity.  That calls for educating the client about traps to avoid and coordinating with the client’s lead adviser to integrate financial and estate plans.  
In this presentation, investment counsel Julie Jason, JD, LLM, will discuss how CPAs can benefit from engaging in a dialogue with the high-net-worth family’s lead “adviser,” whether the adviser is a lawyer or a financial professional.  The program will include new SEC-mandated due diligence materials that help the CPA assess conflicts of interest to assist with the collaborative effort.    
Come away with a simple methodology that can help quickly assess a client’s situation, and determine whether collaboration is necessary or desirable.  Leave with insights on how to work with lead advisers to benefit the client.  


Recognize and Avoid Conflicts of Interest Before Referring a Financial Adviser to Clients

Every attorney who is in the position of referring a client to a financial professional or firm needs to be aware of the firm's CRS, a new 2-to-4-page disclosure document that SEC-regulated firms must deliver to their clients.

The CRS was adopted to help investors understand the different standards of care that apply to their financial professionals (investment advisers vs. broker-dealers vs. dual registrants), as well as conflicts of interest embedded in the firm's way of doing business.

This program will help lawyers who are in the position of making referrals to better understand how to use the CRS in their due diligence process.


Women & Financial Security


Are you in the dark when it comes to your family’s finances? Do you need to start fresh after a divorce, or are you feeling uncertain that you will have enough money for retirement? If so, you are not alone. An alarming majority (seven out of 10 women) say financial information is hard to understand. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why women prefer to learn in a "non-intimidating environment with other women” (The Allianz Women, Money, and Power Study: Empowered and Underserved).