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Upcoming Events

Investment Basics IV: Investing in a Coronavirus Stock Market 

We’ve seen some of the most volatile trading days in the past 18 months; 2020 made records in the S&P 500. The biggest question investors are asking today is "what lies ahead?" The secret to dealing with volatile markets is laying a foundation for making decisions in uncertain times and situations. In this presentation, Julie Jason will discuss what every worried investor needs to know about the coronavirus market and beyond.

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Investment Basics V: Why Portfolio Review Is Important & How to Do It 

Doing your own review periodically (quarterly or at least yearly) will help you understand whether you are on course to meeting your goals, or whether you need to change your strategy or tactics. This presentation will teach you how to perform a review to catch mistakes and to correct your course on a timely basis, with the ultimate goal of improving your results.

Registrations open at 1pm Wed., Oct. 27