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Upcoming Events

"Market Math & You™": Impactful Gifting to Children and Grandchildren

How can you leverage tax-free gifts into substantial nest eggs for kids and grandkids? Join us for a 30 minute virtual talk. If you want to start the young people in your high net worth family on the right track toward financial security, there is no better way than through a short-term gifting program that leverages time. Join us at this virtual roundtable to discuss Julie Jason’s “MarketMath & You™” program.


How to be a 401(k) Champion® Level 1

Are you the next 401(k) Champion®? Discover how to become one during our 401(k) Champion® training sessions. 

The 401(k) Champion® Award is the first national award to recognize 401(k) participants who are masters of their 401(k)s. A 401(k) Champion® is not only committed to optimizing his or her 401(k), but also encourages colleagues to do so as well. See  401kchampion.com for more information.

Level 1: During the first of four training sessions, find out how to maximize your contribution without reducing your take home pay and other actions you can take to become a champion.