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Upcoming Events

Financial Planning for Young Professionals I:

Assessing Your Situation

Successful financial futures begin with planning. The first step to any plan is assessing your current situation. In this presentation, we will learn how to make a net worth statement—a snapshot of where you are now and how to use it to measure your progress over time. We will discuss the importance of saving, budgeting and how to avoid mistakes when spending. Attendees of any age will benefit from this discussion on creating a system for maintaining financial records and cash flow management.

Registrations Open Wed., Feb. 9

Financial Planning  for Young Professionals II:

Designing the Financial Future of Your Dreams

Now that you have gathered your financial information, you can start making informed decisions. In this presentation, we will discuss how young adults should approach their financial futures by identifying goals and creating an actionable plan to know if they are staying on track. We will review key short-term goals like emergency funds and paying off debt. Having financial goals will change how you look at your money. After this discussion, you will start to see how every decision you make matters to your greater financial health.

Registrations Open Wed., Feb. 23

Financial Planning  for Young Professionals III:

MarketMath & YouTM: Making the Math of Compounding Work for You

Young professionals need to know that they can make a difference in their future lives if they take advantage of compounding, which takes time.  According to professor Annamaria Lusardi, “Young people need financial literacy because they have a great asset — time — and they should use it to start on the path to financial security and success.” You do not want to regret waiting too long to start saving and investing, losing the advantage of youth, as many people do. In this presentation, we will discuss the math of compounding and evaluate how young professionals with access to tax advantaged company retirement plans are the ones who can benefit the most.

Registrations Open Wed., Mar. 9

Financial Planning  for Young Professionals IV: 

What about retirement? Taking advantage of your 401(k) & IRA to achieve retirement security for the “future you”

If you just started working, you may feel that you have no extra money to put away for retirement when you have competing monetary interests like paying for a car, housing, student loans, and family. You also may mistakenly believe that you have plenty of time between now and retirement, so why not wait before starting to invest? The biggest reasons to avoid delays is the math of compounding and to tap the benefits of tax deferred growth through retirement plans. In this presentation, we will discuss the 401(k)-life cycle and concepts that will help you take advantage of the power behind the 401(k). We will also talk about how to make investment decisions in down markets, and how to use an IRA if you do not have a 401(k).

Registrations Open Wed., Mar. 23

Financial Planning  for Young Professionals V: 

Developing an Investment Strategy and Asset Allocation

If you are a young 401(k) participant, do you put most or all of your 401(k) regular payroll deductions to work in the stock market? Should you play it safe in money markets instead?  What’s the game plan? In this presentation, we will be tackling how to judge where to put your money to achieve long-term retirement goals.  Come away with a plan of action that will prepare you for the future.

Registrations Open Wed., April 6