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The Discerning Investor

Personal Portfolio Management in Retirement for Lawyers

(and Their Clients)

The Discerning Investor is a book for investors who happen to be lawyers, written by a lawyer who also happens to be "investment counsel." This invaluable guide gives lawyers the tools to organize and plan for their retirement on their own terms.

Available now only through the American Bar Association.

Read what the experts have to say about this book:

"As a consultant to law firms, I can give it to you straight: Every partner of every large law firm should not only read The Discerning Investor for his or her own benefit, but also provide a copy to every new partner and associate."
Peter Giuliani, career law firm business consultant, Partner, Smock Law Firm Consultants

"This is the one book lawyers and clients should read to become knowledgeable about retirement planning."
Harvey Pitt, former SEC Chairman; CEO of Global Business Consultancy, Kalorama Partners, LLC

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