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November is National Scholarship Month

This November we celebrate National Scholarship Month (NSM). While higher education can play an integral part in securing your financial future, paying for college can sometimes be challenging. Scholarships can significantly reduce or even eliminate the financial burden of tuition. If you are a student (or have one in your family), be sure to review and share the importance of scholarships during National Scholarship Month.

Quoting from the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA) November Press Release:                       

NSM is a national movement to raise awareness of the power of scholarships and the impact they have not only on individual scholars, but on our global community as a whole.                                 

Originally initiated by Scholarship America (formerly Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation of America) in 1998, NSPA now maintains this movement and uses it to bring private sector funding for higher education into national focus.

“This year’s observance is more important than ever in light of recent tax legislation that gravely effects countless students across the nation,” says Jackie Bright, Executive Director of NSPA. “During a recent press conference, the NSPA, along with Scholarship America, called on our lawmakers to change the current tax laws from making a negative impact on students to increasing their chances of college success. Now we’re calling on the nation to join in this powerful conversation. At its core, it’s a conversation about building a better future for our students and our global community.”

Many organizations and institutions have been participating in NSM since its inception. NSPA offers a downloadable NSM Media Kit that includes graphics, web banners, social media post ideas, key messaging, and activity ideas for organizations, institutions, and individuals who want to celebrate NSM. One example of how to get involved is to participate in the “NSM Challenge” which was inaugurated many years ago by Fastweb, the nation's recognized leader in helping students pay for school. This activity encourages students to apply for ten scholarships throughout the month of November. More information on NSPA’s recent conference and the advocacy efforts revolving around the taxation of scholarship dollars can be found on the NSPA website

About NSPA
The mission of the National Scholarship Providers Association is to advance the collective impact of scholarship providers and the scholarships they award. NSPA is a unique membership association that offers tools, resources, professional development, and networking for scholarship and financial aid professionals. During the ’17 - ‘18 academic year, NSPA members awarded $4,275,054,382 to 827,327 students. To learn more or to become a member, visit www.scholarshipproviders.org.