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Important Announcement Regarding the 2020 NAPA 401(k) Summit

Read the July 23, 2020 National Association of Plan Advisors news release by Nevin E. Adams, JD, "Important Announcement Regarding the 2020 NAPA 401(k) Summit" here:

We’ve been hard at work here—and we have some important news to share.

First things first—there will be a NAPA 401(k) “Cyber” Summit. It will take place Sept. 9-11, 2020. It’s going to have all the great content, CE, and insights you—and our industry—depend upon. And you won’t have to worry about travel, quarantines or hotels. 

Now, some background.  

Where We’ve Been

For the past several months, NAPA and the NAPA Leadership Council has been actively monitoring events on the ground in Orlando, Florida, and around the nation. It has been a time-consuming, iterative process—one that first led us to undertake the significant effort to move the NAPA 401(k) Summit back to September, to subsequently develop extensive safety protocols, and most recently to develop a separate virtual conferencing option for those unable or unwilling to travel in addition to a series of expanded safety protocols that mirrored precautions taken by both Universal and now Walt Disney World in Orlando.

However, regardless of those protocols, a number of states have recently adopted quarantine rules that would require a significant portion of Summit attendees to quarantine for 14 days when they return home. That reality, in conjunction with the rising number of cases and concerns about the potential health impact for our members led the NAPA Leadership Council to conclude that it is no longer realistic to move forward with an in-person Summit in Orlando this year.


It is a decision not undertaken lightly. NAPA is not owned by a closely held corporation or a private-equity firm—we are a non-profit membership organization of 401(k) advisors with a mission to protect and strengthen our nation’s retirement plan system. As a membership organization, we were trying to be responsive to as many of our 401(k) advisor members as possible—many of whom were telling us—particularly when so many other industry events were summarily discarded—that they really did still want to go to  the Summit. Throughout this process, we have tried not only to be careful, but to be mindful of the potential health issues presented, as well as the importance of this event to our members and our industry.

What Now?

That said, today we are pleased to officially announce the 2020 NAPA 401k Cyber Summit! We’ve brought forward all the same great Summit content that was part of our original agenda—including keynotes from Jill Ellis, coach of the multiple champion woman’s national team and Navy Seal Marcus Latrell. 

Oh—and we’re not just talking about a series of webinars—we’ll be bringing it all to you via an exciting new conference platform (Pathable) that has been used by technology leaders like Microsoft, SAP and Yahoo. And there will be valuable virtual content available from our sponsors as well.


We’ve shifted the dates slightly—now Sept. 9 to Sept. 11, 12:00-5:00 p.m. ET each day. We’ve taken the agenda already developed and vetted by your steering committee and realigned it so that each day of the Cyber 401(k) Summit has a specific theme: 

  • Building Your Practice
  • Your Bottom Line
  • Focusing on the Future

Better yet, all the sessions will be recorded—so you can benefit from all of this great content (and get CE for doing so)—not just the ones you are able to participate in physically.

And you can do it all from the comfort of your… well, wherever you are these days. 

How Much?

Better still, thanks to the generous support of our event sponsors, we’re able to make all this available to you at a remarkably low cost—and if you are already registered for the NAPA 401(k) Summit (and many of you are), we’ll just move your registration and refund the difference.


You can find out more details at https:/napasummit.org—and stay tuned to NAPA-Net for more updates in the days ahead.

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